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Need help using Paperless? Start by seeing if your question is listed below, and tap on it to view the answer. If you need further help feel free to contact me:

Are there any instructions available?

Yes! Instructions for using Paperless are available within the app:

  1. open Paperless
  2. tap the gear icon at the bottom of the main screen to open the Settings panel
  3. scroll to the bottom, and tap "Instructions"

... or you can view the instructions here.

How do I transfer my lists from the lite version to the full version?

Paperless Lite includes a button in the settings that will quickly and easily transfer all of your data to the full version. Simply tap the settings/gear icon on the main screen, then tap on "Transfer Lists To Paperless".

Is there any way to change the order of lists on the main screen? or the order of items within a list?

You can change the order of the lists on the main screen, or the order of items within a list by doing the following:

  1. tap the "Edit" button at the bottom of the screen
  2. press and hold on the 3 gray lines that appear next to the list/item you want to move
  3. drag the list/item up or down
  4. when done reordering lists/items, press the "Done" button at the bottom of the screen

How do I back up my lists?

Paperless includes an automatic backup feature that saves all of your lists to a free Dropbox account. This feature also allows you to sync your lists between devices. To turn on automatic backup and syncing, go to the Settings screen within the app and tap "Automatic Backup and Syncing".

Also available from the Settings screen, is "Backup To Email". Use this feature to send a backup of all of your data to yourself via email. To restore lists from the backup, simply open the email using the "Mail" app on your iPhone, then tap on the "Restore All Lists" link. (or you can restore individual lists from the backup as well).

I accidentally deleted a list, is there any way for me to get it back?

If you are using the "Automatic Backup And Syncing" feature in Paperless, you may be able to recover a list by doing the following:

  1. on your computer, go to the Dropbox website and login to your account:
  2. in the list of files there, click on the folder named "Paperless" to open itInside the "Paperless" folder, you should see a file ending in ".xml" for each of the lists you have in Paperless.
  3. click the trash can icon near the top of the page to "Show deleted files"Any lists that were deleted should now be shown in light gray text
  4. to restore one of this lists, hover your mouse over it and click somewhere in the light blue highlighted area (don't click on the file name, or on the icon next to the file name)… after you click, the light blue area should change to a darker blue, indicating that the file is selected
  5. now click the "Restore" button that appears at the top of the list of files
  6. a small window will pop up… click the blue "Restore" button there, and the file will be recovered
  7. now, open Paperless on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch again, and the list you just restored on Dropbox should be imported back into Paperless (assuming, of course, that you still have the "Automatic Backup And Syncing" feature in Paperless linked to your Dropbox account)

When I modify a list, it gets synced back from Dropbox right away, what is going on?

Paperless relies on your iOS devices having the correct date/time set for proper syncing, and can sync more often than it should if the date/time is set incorrectly.

You can fix the problem by having your iOS device set its date/time automatically:

  1. open the Settings app on your device
  2. tap on "General"
  3. tap "Date & Time"
  4. switch "Set Automatically" to ON

I want to edit my lists on a desktop computer, can I do that?

At this time, there is no desktop computer or web-based version of Paperless to create/edit lists from a computer. I agree that's needed though – and is something I'm considering while planning out future releases.

If it helps, Paperless does support the use of an external Bluetooth keyboard which can make editing list items much easier.

I want to dictate text into Paperless but the microphone on the keyboard is grayed out!

The dictation microphone can gray out when your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is low on memory, and it can happen in any app.

The fix is to restart your iPhone:

  1. press and hold the sleep/wake button on the top of the device until the red "slide to power off" slider appears
  2. swipe your finger across the slider to turn it off
  3. press and hold the sleep/wake button again until the Apple logo appears

Is Paperless available on Android or Windows Mobile devices?

Unfortunately Paperless is not currently available for other platforms.

While there are no immediate plans to make Android/Windows Mobile versions, it's something I'm keeping in mind as there does seem to be a lot of interest in that.

(For now, Crush Apps is just a 1 person company, and I have very limited resources. I could write a lengthy article about keeping the company small versus seeking venture capital to expand and hire employees to build things for Android and other platforms in an effort to try and make a bazillion dollars... but that would probably bore you to death. So, I'll just summarize it by saying that the most important thing to me right now is perfecting the product on iOS. Then Mac. Then perhaps someday bring it over to other platforms.)

Will you add [some important feature] to Paperless?

Over the past few years I've received a LOT of feedback and know what features people want the most. Chances are, that feature you're requesting has been requested before. I'm working on something, and will have a big announcement when it's ready. You might want to subscribe to the newsletter to be notified.

You can contact me ( ) if you'd like to request a particular feature. I don't have time to respond to every feature request, but I do read all of them and consider each one carefully.


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